Our School

Girls Leadership Academy Of Wilmington (GLOW) will prepare its students for successful college admission, college graduation and citizenship through life. This 6th thru 12th grade, single-gender school is designed for first generation college students. Its “whole girl” focus will offer a learning environment that nurtures the emotional, physical and academic facets of each student, developing a strong and supportive culture among its faculty, students, their families and the broader community.

An affiliate of the Young Women’s Leadership Network, a group of groundbreaking and successful single-gender schools founded in New York in 1996, GLOW is guided by a proven educational model.   Here, young women are empowered to dream big and then given the structure and support to make their dreams come true. Our focus on academic rigor, personal responsibility and college preparedness requires our students to deliver their very best, in the classroom and out. The result is a school that works hard to close the opportunity and achievement gap among families with fewer available resources.

High Standards Yield A High Rate of Success

GLOW opened for the 2016/17 school year with 100 sixth-grade students. Each successive year, a new class will be added, with the school reaching full enrollment and its first high school graduating class in 2023. The curriculum will be STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math. A rigorous college preparatory and admissions program is intrinsic to the Leadership Academy model, along with a focus on healthy life skills, civic responsibility and leadership. At GLOW, we are developing a campus and curriculum that will prepare our students for today’s colleges and careers. It’s a 21st Century model with teaching methodologies and curriculum delivery that reflect the creative-thinking, group dynamic, problem-solving and multi-faceted nature of our society. The result is a learning environment that won’t just keep pace, but will set new benchmarks for North Carolina’s public school achievements.

With Distractions Minimized, Confidence Soars

There is abundant research showing the impact on learning in a single-gender environment.   From the obvious: less focus on appearance, dating and sexuality, to the surprising: girls report higher confidence in their science, computer and math skills when boys aren’t in the classroom.

And, the impact is measurable: disadvantaged students in single-sex schools, compared to their counterparts in coeducational schools, have higher achievement outcomes on standardized tests in mathematics, reading, science, and civics. They show higher levels of leadership behavior, do more homework, and take a stronger course load. And they have more favorable attitudes towards school, and less sex-role stereotyping.

Most importantly is the opportunity to integrate strong role models and create an atmosphere that emphasizes girl-power, leadership and self-confidence.

Foundational Funding

GLOW is supported by a non-profit foundation which raises funds to support the enrichment programming essential to student and school success. College counselors, professional development for faculty, exploratory travel, coordination of internships for students and the periodic “Cool Women, Hot Jobs” speakers events are among the activities supported by the foundation.

Importantly, GLOW will also provide transportation and in-school meals for students, assuring equal access to the students we seek to serve.